About Innobooster

The Innobooster inLIFe project is a part of the Horizon 2020 project initiated by the European Commission.

“Innobooster inLIFE” stands for “Innobooster in Light and Furniture” and aims at supporting public procurers in purchasing new and improved solutions in the field of resource efficient interior and exterior lighting as well as innovative office solutions.

The project aims to contribute at creating a liaison between innovation and standardisation and to obtain a critical mass of demand for innovative products from two different technological fields, the lighting and the office environment. Both of the groups of products are contributing to grand societal challenges at EU level as they address the issues of climate change and reduction of resources in open plan offices.

More specific objectives of the project would be to define technical specifications for innovative solutions and formulate a business-case regarding the procurement of innovation, to use innovative tender procedures, to reduce costs and environmental damage in the long run, to provide the public sector with first class infrastructures and services and to choose innovative and trendsetting technological solutions to foster innovations in Europe.

An important issue for us is to achieve sustainable outputs. Results attained during the life-time of the project should be preserved and developed further after the implementation of the project as such has ended. This project shall create the basis for started processes to continue after the project has been implemented.

Bundesbeschaffung GmbH
Airport Linz
Austrian Institute of Technology
Bundesministerium für Finanzen
European Commission
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