Benefits for Suppliers & Procurers

Through its four work packages, the project creates a bridge between public contracting authorities and suppliers. Collaboration in order to create a critical mass of demand for innovations is our core aim in this project as we believe that it is very important to overcome the fragmentation of public demand across the EU. As the project addresses important innovative issues with regard to the products that will be purchased as well as to the way that the procedure is conducted, target groups are very interested in participating and being “pioneers” of innovative procurement.

On the other hand, industries are pushed to produce innovative products in order to meet market needs and are searching for first buyers. This project will offer more opportunities for innovative firms and researchers to find a first customer. This leads to a catalytic procurement.

The public sector as a whole will get its value for money. Public procurers would fully improve their efficiency in service delivery and also cost savings thanks to reduced energy consumption that would result from strategies for the innovation of public services. Within the project we are focusing on methods on how to run the procurement procedure as a "joint cross-border public procurement". This is why we need to identify and overcome legal and practical barriers linked to this type of procurement.

Results obtained during the lifetime of the project should then be developed further after the implementation of the project as such has ended.

If you are a public procurer interested in purchasing innovative office or lighting solutions or an innovative supplier, do not hesitate to contact us We will provide you with further information.

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